Our Lead Volunteers


Prof Peter J Ogrodnik (Founder and Director)

Hi, I am Peter Ogrodnik and have over 30 years experience in medical engineering. I am a mechanical engineer by training and am an academic from Keele University. Furthermore, I am director/partner of a number of medical devices companies. I formed ENG4 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and following the harrowing sights, comments, and stories I was getting from my NHS colleagues. I am so grateful to all those who have volunteered to make this project a reality.

Dr Katie Maddock (Founding Director)

Libby Meyrick (Founding Director)

Project Leads

Paul Cotton (Foresight Lead)

Chris Eaglen (General Research and Document Audit Lead)

Holly Morris (Renewable Gowns Lead)

Penny Dawson-Malone (Public Information Lead)

Wye Houn Leong (Social Media Lead)

Nick Prowse (Face Protection Lead)

Steve Dimelow (Business Strategy Lead)

Lauren Page (Door Opening device Lead)

Derek Wardle (Building Services Lead)

Ajay Kanwar (ANSYS / Simulation Lead)

Tarik Al-Shemmeri (ThermoFluids and Air Quality lead)