About us

ENG4 is a collaboration of volunteers drawn from engineering, science, environmental protection, medicine and others. We are not in this to get rich; we are in this to help healthcare providers solve potential issues they cannot solve themselves. Our aim is to provide solutions to healthcare problems and bring these solutions to reality but in a “virtuous circle”. Any money ENG4 makes will be ploughed back into the NHS, the RedCross, Medicine sans Frontiers and other healthcare charities / not for profit organisations.

We are a Registered Charity (Charity Commission registration). Furthermore we are collecting funds to enable us to obtain the necessary product liability and professional indemnity insurance to enable us to work as we wish too. We need, immediately, enough donations – either as cash or promissory notes – to enable us to obtain our registration as a charity.

We have a board of directors and trustees overseeing the not-for-profit ethos. We have a team of volunteers in the wings, ready and waiting to start to solve problems that could make lives a lot easier whilst this pandemic is raging.

Our People